Hi! We are Heather & George

My Story

My dog George and I have been dreaming about me having my own successful online business since 2000 (well, George since 2009) – a very long time! However, being the sort who has many interests and lots of skills, it was extraordinarily difficult to decide what to choose, and how I could serve others doing what I love. I didn’t really want to choose at all! And George was getting very impatient with me. The truth is,

I want to do everything!

I must have made 50 different websites since that long ago (I’m a website developer by trade) – advice sites, blogs, coaching sites… I even had a cake decorating business at one point! But for the long term, none of them really… seemed… to fit.


Born of Frustration

So, one day, irritated at my 50th failure to launch, George sat me down, and said:
“Goddammit Heather, if you could spend every day doing exactly what you want, what would that be? Don’t worry about making a living from it… yet. We’ll figure that out later.”
And what came out of that conversation, became


And what is this site, exactly?

Well, when I allowed myself to be completely honest and free to be daring, I realized my favorite thing in the world to do is to learn new things, share those things with the world, and then laugh about all of it. So I decided to make a site that reflects just that.

Freedom is my Movement.

My dream is that everyone should be able live their lives exactly as they want to,

and that

everyone should be able to support themselves financially doing just that.

Empowering YOU.

So what I’m doing here at Websites Without Code and my blog Fledging Online Biz Owners!, is providing starter websites with corresponding tools, resources, education and ENCOURAGEMENT so that you can chart your own path to freedom by getting a business online, and you can finally be able to create the lifestyle that you so long for.

Everything that I talk about here on this site, I have experienced myself, had success with myself, and/or use myself.

All I want to do is help you get the life you want.

Building websites since 1999.

I am a firm believer that the greatest gateway to a life of freedom is having a successful online business.

Why do I believe this?

Because when your source of income is location independent, your LIFE is location independent.

You can go anywhere and do anything – any time you want.

And nowadays, it’s more important than ever to be employer independent.

One of the things I know a LOT about, is building websites. For the past two decades, people have come to me (and paid me!) to put their businesses/blogs/processes/lives online, and it’s been a great ride. It’s how I’ve made my living for the last 20 years.

And while I have loved putting my clients’ businesses online for them, my dream has always been to empower others to build and manage their own sites (without needing to know code), so they don’t have to rely on expensive developers (yes, we’re expensive) like me, or, to be limited by what a website builder provider is willing to offer for a given monthly price.

So naturally, you will see a lot of information and courses related to building websites and growing a successful online business here on Fledgling Online Biz Owners!

Because this is my world.

I know it, and I want to share it. And then let’s have fun with it!


is supposed

to be


And I will give you everything I’VE got, to help you make that happen.